Wetland Exploration

Wetlands an areas where the soil is soaked in water permanently or seasonally. In PEI, 5.6% of the land is a wetland, 79% of the wetlands are fresh water and 21% are salt marshes. To be classified as a wetland certain vegetation must be present, this includes cattail and bulrushes. Wetlands are important habitats to various organisms such as invertebrate, fish, amphibians and birds. In PEI, all wetland are protected and have a 15 metre buffer zone around them that can not be touched. This module is all about wetlands, their importance and the species that inhabit them.

Wonderful Wetland

A wetland is defined as an area of water-tolerant vegetation including marshes, swamps, bogs and meadows. In PEI, all wetlands are protected under the Environment Protection Act: Watercourse and Wetland Protection Regulations. 

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Wetlands are one of the worlds most productive ecosystems. They are essential habitats for many organism, play an important role in the water cycle, filter the air, prevent erosion and so much more.

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Take a group out to a wetland and explore!!!

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