The Shrews

What is a Shrew?

  • small molelike mammal
  • look like long nosed mice; not rodents, like mice are
  • have sharp, spike-like teeth; rodents have teeth for gnawing

Water Shrew

  • large, measuring 14cm to 16cm in length
  • have a long tail (6cm - 7cm) ; 40% their body length
  • have soft, dark fur, a pointed snout, tiny eyes, concealed ears and 5 slightly webbed toes on each foot
  • insectivores; will feed on slugs, earthworms, spiders, leaches and snails.
  • preyed on by mink

Short-tailed Shrew

  • measuring 10cm to 13cm
  • have short, slate gray fur
  • long pointed noses and small eyes and ears
  • only mammals in P.E.I. that have a venom gland
    • releases a neurotoxin that immobilizes or kills small prey, such as frogs, mice and salamanders
  • feed on birds, bird eggs, insects, roots, berries, nuts, fruit and fungi
  • cannot go more than three hours without food or they will starve

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