Summer Modules

Birds at the Beach

During the summer a favourite pastime for many Islanders is going to the beach for the day. Beaches are a great place to go to look for living things. Birds are probably the most common sight…next to those pesky horseflies. Shore birds are small to medium sized waders. They often have slender probing bills and longish legs. Shore birds include plovers and sandpipers. During this module shore birds will be discussed, including PEI most endangered organisms, along with other common marine birds, seagulls and the great blue heron.

Invertebrate Investigation

Invertebrates, or animals without a backbone, make up 97% of the animals in the world. They are everywhere; in a pond, under a log, in the soil, on a sandy beach, in our homes, climbing trees, on a flower…not hard to find. This module will briefly discuss various classes of organisms that belong in the invertebrate group, their special adaptations and where they can be found.

Nothing but a Nuisance

Not all of the species of living things that are found in PEI are native, or here before our early settler; instead they were introduced through various means. Glossy Buckthorn was taken here by early European settlers, striped skunks were introduced for the fur trade and the eastern coyote crossed the ice on the Northumberland Strait. There are many non-native species in PEI, some cause little harm to the ecosystem while others can completely devastate it. This module is all about invasive species, the problems they cause and how hard it is to get rid of them.

Plant Play 

In other modules, trees, shrubs and flowers have been discussed. This module will be a broad look at the Kingdom Plantae. The variety of plants that are found in PEI will be discussed and compared. There are a number of different divisions of plants from simple algae to more specialized flowering plants. Introducing the plants informally and briefly will allow the children to be aware of the variety of plants but not overwhelm them. Learning about plants can be a dry topic, this module is designed to be  hands on and interactive to get kids excited about plants. 

Species at Risk

As discussed in “Nothing but a Nuisance,” not all the plants and animals that are in PEI were always here…and some we would not miss. On the other hand there are many organisms that call PEI home, they were here way before humans and if they were to disappear it would not be good. In this module species at risk in PEI will be discuss, why they have become endangered and what is being done in an attempt to revive the populations. Organisms that have been lost to PEI and the world will also be discussed.

Water World

Water is something many Canadians take for granted. It has always been there for us, and we assume it always will be. This module will discuss the water cycle, the importance of the water conservation and water habitats. The kids will learn about ways to cool down in the summer with out running the well dry. 

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