Red Fox

What is your favourite wild mammal?

The Red Fox seems to be a favourite wild mammal of many Island children. Maybe it's because we don't have that many larger mammals here. We have one that stinks, one that gets into our garbage, one that we never see...and probably really don't want to and the red fox, which is quite adorable. 

Last year when I was golfing I saw a mother fox , or a vixen, and three babies or kits. They were just playing along the side of hole 4, then they were out again at hole 6. They were so cute, very dog-like. That is because they are related to all dogs..including domestic dogs, so your Shih Tzu, Border Collie, Boxer, etc. is a cousin of the fox, just as the coyote.

Foxes seem to love to be around areas where humans are.  Click here to read an article about two foxes that make a home on the roof of a house in Charlottetown last winter.

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