Indian Pipe

Although this may look like mushrooms...or a fungi, it isn't. In fact, it is a flower...not your typical flower, eh?

This is often called Indian Pipe but has many other names including Ghost Flower, Corpse Plant and Convulsion weed.

The name Indian Pipe originated from Native American legend. The Great Spirit turned disobeying old men into grayish flowers, now called Indian Pipe.

This plant is called Corpse flower and Ghost flower because once it is picked or even bruised the flesh turns black and quickly dies.

Referred to as Convulsion weed because Native Americans used this plant to treated spasms, fainting spells and nervous conditions. 

This plant appear as a waxy white colour although it can be pinkish. The flower often blooms from mid-July to August. Indian Pipe do not get their nutrient from photosynthesis. Instead they are believed to parasitize other plants or fungi taking their nutrients. This plant may grow in deep forest as they do not require sunlight to survive. 

Juices from this flower are used as eye lotion. The crushed plant can be rubbed on warts and bunions. Chewing the flower is believed to bring relief from toothaches. 

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