Beech Canker Disease


                                      Diseased Tree                                                                             Non-diseased Tree

Beech Canker Disease reached PEI in the 1920's...that's over 90 years ago. In one year it killed almost all the beech trees growing in PEI woodlands. Only the diseased roots sprouts remained. Strathgartney Provincial Park is the only area in PEI that doesn't have any diseased trees.

How do trees get Beech Canker?

Trees are just like us, if we get a cut and don't look after it, the wound will become infected. When trees get a wound, sap will leak and push away invaders. Beech bark scale is a small insect that numbs the tree and therefore the tree doesn't know if has been attacked. A few years later, fungi then enters the wound caused by the scale insects.

What happens to the tree?

The cells of the bark die and cankers appear. The smooth bark of the beech tree is know rough and lumpy. Many trees will die.

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