About Us

Mission Statement:

To inspire children and youth to be active and enjoy nature by providing them with the opportunity to visit natural areas, introducing them to flora and fauna and allowing them to take part in fun and engaging activities, encouraging them to grow into individuals who are comfortable in nature; are aware of their impact on the environment; understand important nature-based themes; and develop a love and compassion for nature and physical activity.

Program Goals:

  • Encourage children/youth to be active in nature
  • Teach children/youth about nature: how to enjoy and respect, play and protect
  • Learn about flora and fauna
  • Allow children/youth to spend time in nature gaining skills to be active on their own in outdoor spaces in their own neighbourhood 
  • Encourage recreational opportunities that are readily available
  • Introduce children to their own neighbourhood parks
  • Offer a program at a time when youth may be more susceptible to poor decision making (unsupervised time afterschool)

Although Children in Nature P.E.I. is a program developed for public use.  All games and lessons can be adapted and used by anyone. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.